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A Typical Session

At the beginning of a typical session, we will discuss the tasks you committed to at the end of the previous session, and we will look at how successful you were in completing them.

If you encountered any barriers, even psychological ones such as procrastination or a lack of motivation, we will explore those and try to discover where they came from.

Assuming the homework was fine, you will then let me know what you would like to work on today.

As you talk through your topic, I will use my experience and training to dig beneath the surface.  As we probe and explore you may discover that the root of your challenges are not quite what you expected, and this often explains why your attempts to make changes have been unsuccessful.

Towards the end of the session we will decide what you need to work on until our next session.  It may be as simple as finding some time to reflect and think; it may be a visioning exercise such as journaling or creating a vision board; or it may be some concrete, affirmative action.  It all depends, but you will always find that a great deal of the learning happens in that time between sessions.

We will have three phone sessions per month, each lasting about 45 minutes, during which we will focus on the topic of your choice.  Then we will agree on some ‘homework’ which will enable you to continue with the process during the time between calls.

To see genuine, lasting changes, you should expect to commit to a minimum of 3-6 months; but of course it is always your choice how long you wish to continue with this journey.


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